Stop addicting adolescents to vaping and e-cigarette products

Vaping has been labelled as an “epidemic” among youth by FDA commissioner Scott Gottlieb. The upsurge of e-cigarette and vape use among youth in Alberta and North America is alarming. The citizen’s group, SAAVE, is calling for the Governments of Canada and Alberta:

  • To require that vaping device and e-juice sales be sold only from behind a pharmacy counter and only to adults.
  • To prevent internet sales.
  • To ban all flavours, except tobacco.
  • To ban vaping everywhere that smoking of tobacco cigarettes is banned.
  • To ban all advertising of vaping devices and accessories.
  • To require all devices and e-juice to be sold in plain packaging.
  • To regulate the e-liquids strictly to reduce toxins, and to ensure that the true amount of nicotine is reported and all other toxic elements are described on the label.
  • To control the manufacture of the actual devices to ensure safety.

The group calls on parents and teachers to join them, and urges teachers to begin to teach about the dangers of vaping in elementary school.

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